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You are lucky enough to have a balcony in your apartment so do not hesitate to optimize its decoration! Balconies tell so much about the apartment and the owner, so let's impress passers by !

First, the choice of floor is an essential component of style. Gratings of wood or synthetic grass are an inexpensive solution that will bring a real warmth.

To give more privacy to this space, you can cover the railing wattle and create a green wall on one side. Install a trellis and set it a passion or star jasmine which are vines, which grow easily and have beautiful flowers in summer.

You can also have the terracotta pots with one or two nice shrubs like an olive or laurel tin.

For furniture, choose materials that do not require maintenance and can stay outside all year. Wooden furniture are warm and stylish while furniture fiberglass or metal are modern and light at a time.

Finally, the lighting is also very important, you can install spotlights to illuminate your plants from below or choose a nomadic lighting like Christmas lights or lanterns with candles for a more intimate atmosphere.