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Your kitchen is outdated? Want to embellish it? No need to panic thinking about the expenses. Before completely change your kitchen, consider revamp.
French home designers help you with some tips to rejuvenate your kitchen at little costs.
As a first step, painting could be your best ally. You can start by painting your kitchen walls. Many colors are available, you can even go for the bright velvet, green or yellow. It is also possible to give new look to kitchen furniture with a brush stroke.
We can not think about it but the kitchen floor is also an element that can be repainted to give it a facelift. Whether it is tiled, concrete slab or floor, there are paints suitable ground.  Many colors are available in specialized lines in wet rooms in various brands.
Apart from painting, you should pay attention to the smallest details. The handles and knobs are often the most antiquated accessories. Have fun then treat that final touch! In DIY stores or specialty stores, you'll be spoiled for choice for change. Knobs or handles are simple decoration items in the kitchen that can make all the difference ...
We do not think about it enough but cabinet doors can be simply removed. Simple and original, this solution allows a different approach to the decor in the kitchen. We can then replace the doors with little curtains. Place in style! Between a gourmet and colorful patterns or vitamin or chic plain model, the chosen fabric can bring a certain cachet to the furniture. One can also opt for the fence for a flea market side. Again, to the imagination for kitchen furniture bespoke and stylish! Finally, you can remove the doors to see a nice tableware or pretty jars.
As a final touch, do not forget decoration elements that could make all the difference, like the choice of carpet or the luminares that will adorn the ceiling of your kitchen.