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Summer doesn't seem to stop inspiring French home designers this year.
Deco trends' aim is definitely to give you a new perspective and to help add life, emotions and cheer to your home, which is not that difficult.
You can spray a note of sweetness and innocence to your deco by mixing girly pale pink to more traditional materials and neutral tones, wood, gray and white.
you can opt for rosy wallpaper, or you can soften the floor of your bedroom or living room with a baby pink perforated carpet.
Another gaining hold trend is without doubt mixing bright colour graphics.
Mixing graphics is a way of redecorating your home inexpensively. You can create paintings on your wall with multicolored round plates of various sizes, and contrast with horizontal pleated suspensions as creating scratches, a decor inspired by Sentou Gallery in Paris where a cluster of pleated paper lights Akura are shown ahead in a wall background of ceramic plates by Brigitte Bazelaire. 
Or you can animate your wall with a set of triangles which are actually self-made from wallpaper.
The utmost advantage you can have if this trend entices you is the fun you can get as all family members can take part each with his personal touch.
Even broke we can be stylish by always mixing something new with the old.
You should preferably choose bright colors for painting old furniture and fabric blends to create new textile objects. 
For instance  you may rejuvenate old furniture painting in bright yellow and dusty vieillote cabinet becomes a sparkling storage.