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Not so different from fashion, home trends are constantly evolving.
Every year new concepts with various backgrounds emerge.
If we want to describe home trends in 2014 it would definitely be vivacity, cheer, life... It is an explosion of colours.
Nature is one of the most popular ideas at the moment! This deco trend may come to life in every room of the house because it is mainly characterized by wooden furniture beautifully highlighted by subtle colours such as beige or white. It is also advisable to incorporate paintings depicting landscape to recall all the grace of Trocadero gardens and Bois de Vincennes.
For those who want to add some flavour of joy and merriment you can intensify your decor as one of the popular trends in 2014 is "La vie en rouge".
The interest here is  to create a warm atmosphere in your bedroom, living room or even your bathroom with splashes of red. Go for a red sofa, carpet, cushions or lampshade alternating with the colours of walls, curtains and furniture ranging from white to grey and black.
Think still not abuse it! the environment is meant after all to be soothing.
Only for those who dare, flashy colors is a new trend in 2014.
Fire and flame seem to inspire french home designers.
Go for vibrant colors, yellow, red, orange, green, while still taking care to never excessively densify the atmosphere that results. 
For this, again, nothing better than to think to combine neutral colors, the resulting attenuation is excellent.